“The Many Little Joys” of Motherhood

IMG_9364 copy

Hi. I’m Megan, full-time mom living just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Motherhood is the hardest and most amazing thing I’ve ever undertaken. I have two crazy little boys (is there any other kind?), and an incredibly supportive husband who keeps me from going completely insane (when he’s not busy instigating wrestling matches in the living room).

Until my oldest son was born three and a half years ago, I spent six years teaching middle schoolers the difference between affect and effect (among other things, like why you shouldn’t swing someone around in circles by their ankles in a busy hallway…seriously). I absolutely loved my career as a teacher, and the only thing that convinced me to give up my classroom was the desire to be in my home every day teaching my little ones.

Because, as all the old ladies who smiled at me knowingly when I was pregnant told me, they really do grow up so fast. I don’t always see that progress day to day; sometimes I get stuck in the rut of laundry, sweeping cheerios up off the floor, and just trying to stay alive until Daddy gets home.

As I’ve watched the leaves falling the last few week though, I’ve become all too aware of how fast the seasons change, and while my boys are still small (ages three and one), before long they’ll be in the season of school, and then the season of learning to drive, and then the season of moving out on their own where I can’t be there to protect them from the world.

But, THIS season, these few years where I have them to myself, this is MY season…to love and prepare them for all the other seasons life will bring.

So, I’m embracing this time, in all its messy and sometimes mundane glory. I’m going to sneak as many kisses as I can, log lots of snuggle time, get down on the floor and race cars, and try to pay attention to the many little joys that come from motherhood.

Because this season will pass. And then I’ll probably want it back.


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