Valentine alphabet treasure hunt

Valentine's Alphabet Hunt Cover

Valentine’s celebrations are in full force around here. Little Man keeps asking how many more days until Valentine’s Day, and our Mommy School activities for the past week have been all been centering around hearts.

One of his favorite activities so far has been our Valentine’s alphabet treasure hunt. Little Man loves any kind of hunt (scavenger hunts, Easter egg hunts, hide-and-seek), so when I saw this idea over on Reading Confetti, I knew I could modify it to be something he would love. And I was right!

Here’s what we did:

  1. I cut out 26 hearts in various colors and wrote the UPPERCASE letters of the alphabet on them.
  2. Then I wrote the LOWERCASE letters of the alphabet on some construction paper and taped the papers to the wall. (Note: Make sure that you space the letters so that you can cover them with the uppercase letter hearts)
  3. I asked Little Man to play in his room while I hid the alphabet hearts in the main part of the house.
  4. When I was ready, Little Man came out and happily hunted for the hearts. As he found each one, I gave him some sticky tacky for the back, and he matched it to the lowercase letter on the wall.Valentine's Alphabet Hunt 3

Between me hiding the hearts for him, and then him hiding them for me (which, by the way, it took us three days to find the letter H…oops!), this activity lasted a good 45 minutes! And, now that we’ve found the missing H, he did it again this morning!

Valentine's Alphabet Hunt

Oh, and a bonus: because it’s up on our wall by our kitchen table, Little Man keeps practicing his alphabet while he eats his meals and snacks. I love seeing him learn!

Happy hunting!

Oh, and here are some of our other favorite Valentine’s activities we’ve been doing for Mommy School:

H is for Heart Craft from I Can Teach My Child

Candy Heart Math from Teaching Mama

Valentine Alphabet Bingo from Growing Book By Book

Valentine’s Day Heart-shaped Animals from Crafty Morning

Valentine Monster Alphabet Game from I Heart Crafty Things


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