Kid-sized food: mini egg fritatas

Kid Sized Food - Mini Egg Fritatas. Easy, protein-packed and veggie-filled breakfast perfect for little hands.

My husband makes fun of me because he says that I think anything that is small is “cute.” And he’s pretty much right. Except for spiders…spiders are SO not cute. Most other little things, though, I kind of adore. They just make me happy. Continue reading


The best toy I ever gave my kids

The Best Toy I Ever Gave My Kids...sometimes all you need is the wide world and your imaginationI stood on the edge of Walden Pond, watching my boys play. We’d spent a long day touring around Revolutionary War sites nearby, and the boys were thrilled to stop for a bit and have some freedom to run and explore. Continue reading

Helping your toddler understand nutrition: a “My Plate” activity

Helping Your Toddler Understand Nutrition - A My Plate ActivityIf I left it up to Little Man, every meal would consist of ice cream and cupcakes. I can’t blame him–sometimes I feel the same way. Still, part of my job as the mom is to help him understand the importance of eating a variety of foods (especially ones that are actually healthy).  I feel really strongly about my kids understanding the “why” behind the things I require of them, so several months ago I started looking for a fun, simple way to teach a three-year-old the basics of nutrition. Continue reading

Homemade noodles + chicken soup

Homemade Noodles Cut (720 x 480)

In my house, food is more than calories. It’s history. I come from a long line of family cooks, and I love the connection I feel to my ancestors when I make something that has been passed down from kitchen table to kitchen table for generations. Continue reading

It’s okay to be a tortoise

It's Okay to be a Tortoise copy

I’m a list-maker.  To me, there is something triumphant about sliding a pencil across an item on my to-do list, marking my accomplishment.

“I am productive!” I yell (internally, of course, because it’s nap time and I am NOT risking waking up my children and ruining my productivity).

I’ve always been a task-oriented person. It’s important to me to feel like I’m making progress each day…contributing to the world in some way. And one of the biggest adjustments to motherhood for me has been Continue reading

Cloud dough

Cloud dough

Does anyone else feel like eighteen months is the perfect storm for a toddler? My adorable toddler has recently learned to push chairs around the house to get to things that are out of reach, and it’s driving me nuts! As diligent as I try to be about keeping dangerous things out of reach, he manages to find ways to put his life at risk multiple times a day. I tell you what, I love that little guy, but he is exhausting!

Any time I find an activity that holds his attention for more than two minutes, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. The activity I’m sharing today kept him busy for twenty minutes! Continue reading

Why I’m not making cutesy, Pinterest-perfect valentines this year

Why I'm Not Making Cutesy Valentines Cover copyEvery day when Little Man comes home from preschool, he says, “Mom, let’s see what’s in my backpack!”

We sit at the kitchen table and open his backpack together to talk about the projects he’s brought home and look at any notes from his teacher.

I love this ritual. Often, his little brother is still napping, so it’s quiet, special one-on-one time with Little Man.

Last week, as we did this, I found a note from his teacher Continue reading

Valentine alphabet treasure hunt

Valentine's Alphabet Hunt Cover

Valentine’s celebrations are in full force around here. Little Man keeps asking how many more days until Valentine’s Day, and our Mommy School activities for the past week have been all been centering around hearts.

One of his favorite activities so far has been our Valentine’s alphabet treasure hunt. Little Man loves any kind of hunt Continue reading

5-in-1 Valentine’s learning game for preschoolers

Valentine's Preschool Games - Musical Hearts Close Up

I’m always looking for simple prep (or, even better, no prep) activities for my kids to do. One of my measurements for how good an activity is, is whether it entertains my children for longer than it takes to set up. Because, seriously, who has time to spend 20 minutes setting up an activity when my kids’ attention spans are usually 3-5 minutes?

That’s why I loved doing this Valentine’s activity. It took me less than 5 minutes to prep, and then we were able to make five different games out of it. Continue reading

How I won the “mom guilt” battle with myself


2012-10-1 073_edited-1

Several years ago I made a decision that changed the way I think about my daily choices.

I banned one word from my vocabulary: SHOULD.

It’s a simple word. Most people use it frequently: I should call so-and-so. I should do laundry. I should exercise more.

So why did I get rid of it? For me, “should” is a dangerous word. Should carries a negative connotation that makes me immediately feel guilty for not innately wanting to do something I “should” do, or for not feeling a way that I “should” feel. Continue reading